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Live Event

Saturday, January 13th, 2018
at 11AM CST

1743 W Division Street, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60622

At this event, you will learn about the latent potential in your brain and how you can activate it on your own using the Source Code Meditation Technique™ to bring more joy, peace, confidence and passion into your life!

You'll also have a chance to meet the founder and creator of Higher Brain Living® and Source Code Meditation.

Could joy, purpose, passion and meaning, become our new baseline in life? Even enlightenment?

Join us LIVE in Chicago to learn about Source Code Meditation—a breakthrough in personal transformation and development (and see the new SCM World Headquarters)!

Nearly two thousand years ago in the ancient city of Alexandria the wise philosopher Plotinus declared, “humankind is poised midway between the gods and the beasts”.

We, humans, have an unconscious, primitive lower region of our brain that evolved at a time when the environment was predator-rich. Although predators are no longer lurking around every rock and tree, this ‘Stone-Age’ brain of ours still functions at an ever-vigilant capacity, and usually without our conscious knowledge or choice.

In the modern world, the lower brain keeps us in a continual cycle of familiar (even if negative), thoughts, circumstances, relationships and environments, because to the lower brain, sameness equals safety.

In our 21st century lives these primitive lower brain survival mechanisms are at odds with the potential of our ‘higher self’, a potential that lies slumbering in our most newly emerged, yet largely dormant, Higher Brain. The higher human brain seeks creativity, change and growth.

So here we are, poised “midway between the gods and the beasts”—midway between the higher and the lower brain. Stuck...seeing glimpses of our transcendence and yet always pulled back down into old familiar patterns.

Modern Neuroscience informs us that the higher human brain—particularly the prefrontal cortex—when energized, is associated with intuition and insight, elevated emotional states and advanced states of consciousness...and yet, this remarkable capacity of our brain slumbers.

Imagine a world where the lower brain would still be available to protect us if needed, but the brain's ‘command center’ would shift to the higher, more recently evolved, new brain. This highest part of the brain would awaken in all of humanity and the associated higher states of consciousness could be directed towards all areas of life.


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